Monday, February 17, 2014

Colorado History: Gold Rush

Fourth grade Social Studies is all about Colorado History. We began our study of Colorado by familiarizing our selves with the physical geography, regions and life zones of Colorado. Next, we learned about the first people to inhabit the land, the Native Americans. After that, we learned about the explorers, trappers and traders and miners that all played a role in the population boom in Colorado, eventually leading to its statehood in 1876.

View the embedded video below. Leave a statement on either of the following questions:

What contributed to the population boom in the 1860s?


How did people interact with the land in the 1860s?

Please craft your response to include more than simply stating "the gold rush." You may need to to view the video multiple times. Please preview your response before publishing, to ensure proper conventions.


  1. What caused the population boom in the 1860s was 100,000 men risking their lives to find gold and strike it rich.
    Creed M.

  2. In the 1860s people interacted very crazy because they all wanted to get was gold and silver so there was some fighting and dieing on no food or water.

    Kyle R.

  3. in 1860 people got crazy because all they wanted was gold and silver by nathan p

  4. I learned that Native Americians shared the South Platte River with the people when gold was found in the South Platte River. I also learned that thousands of people moved to Colorado just for GOLD!


  5. The gold rush was a big deail because 1ounc of gold was $10 now days it is

  6. There land looked like a huge city in the 1860.

  7. I learned that Walter wanted to build his house so it could get a perfect view of Pikes Peak. Also that house is were the goveners live today.

    By Benagain

  8. The people interacted with the land in 1860 by building more towns,mining for gold, and helping Colorado grow to become what it is now.
    Alexa D.

  9. I learned that 100,000 people left there family to try to get rich on gold. There were towns that sprung up over night because there were so many people.

    Nathan Kral

  10. Hi Mrs.Randall I was wondering what food the minors ate and were did they get it if they were inside a mountain they could not stop and go to a store because it was such a long climb down and a dangourouse to.
    Is it took the miniors a long time to get there by one oxe why did the minors not bring more than one puling animal for the really long walk and hike.
    Indigo Armon.

  11. The 50,000 men that made it to Colorado in the 1860`s had very little food by then and crazily every day they went out and dug for gold.
    Trenton B.

  12. What caused the population to get biger is the people coming to strike it rich with gold and the people who wanted to billed stors for the miners.

    Charley M.

  13. I learned that Colorado was named in 1870 and the gold rush started and 1,000 of people went searching for gold lots of them died we mined land and destroyed land and we sent the animals away because there were to many of us we would leave our family for gold that is what I learned


  14. The people interacted with the land because they built their house next to a landmark,Pikes Peak.That's how they interacted with the land.
    By:Ellie G.

  15. I learned that back then 100,000 men risked their lives to mine expecting to stike it rich. That is when the great gold rush began. Some men striked it rich and many died. The men that stoke it rich brought back food and water to survive others spent the money on nice houses or better shelters.

    By : Delaney

  16. In the passage the gold rush people interacted with people very different than we would they all wanted lots of gold to exchange for money they all fought for lots of gold.

    Courtney C.

  17. The people interacted with the land by building a house their and they moved out when his wife died. Also now they let people go their and see insied the house and people can live their. That is how they interacted with the land.
    By:Brooklyn H.

  18. In the 1860s, people interacted nice and mean because the miners found a Natave American tribe and some Native Americans didn't welcome them, but Little Raven, the leader of the tribe, greated them and welcomed them to their land.


  19. In the 1860's John Evans and Walter Cheeseman made the first railroad that went into Denver,and it contributed to the big population boom because it brought lots of peolpe into Denver.

    Kendall L.

  20. The 1,000 men who traveld to Denver road oxen and other animals to get to the gold rush ether died or were discuragd
    bifor they got there

    matthew e

  21. the miners travled with

    oxes to denver to mine and they had no hotels or house