Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Colorado Geography

Colorado Geography

As a fourth grader, you will have the opportunity to read many interesting articles that relate to our science and social studies activities. We have all heard the saying that "reading is thinking", so that is what you will be practicing. Read, think and share with a real audience of your classmates.

Using the link and password information below, please read at least 3 sections about the Rocky Mountains. Next, use the comment button below to share something new that you learned about Colorado's physical geography. You must write in a constructed response format with proper spelling and punctuation. Please stop by this blog again to respond to a classmates comment to show your understanding. 

Use this link to take you to the correct site. 


Monday, February 17, 2014

Colorado History: Gold Rush

Fourth grade Social Studies is all about Colorado History. We began our study of Colorado by familiarizing our selves with the physical geography, regions and life zones of Colorado. Next, we learned about the first people to inhabit the land, the Native Americans. After that, we learned about the explorers, trappers and traders and miners that all played a role in the population boom in Colorado, eventually leading to its statehood in 1876.

View the embedded video below. Leave a statement on either of the following questions:

What contributed to the population boom in the 1860s?


How did people interact with the land in the 1860s?

Please craft your response to include more than simply stating "the gold rush." You may need to to view the video multiple times. Please preview your response before publishing, to ensure proper conventions.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Energy Crisis

As we begin our study of energy in January, it is important to understand how energy is used in our lives and what effect it has on the environment. Read all of the Energy Crisis sections (11 short paragraphs) from the Power Knowledge Life Science link below.

Password info.: meestu, mustang

Next, share your thoughts about how turning to renewable resources can help to preserve our environment. Please think about who your audience is, and what a 3 or 4 constructed response looks and sounds like.

Just for fun...